Project Title:

PREVENT-PROJECT – Integrated System to Prevent Propagation of Hospital Acquired Infections (UEFISCDI contract number 24PTE din 01/06/2020)

Project coordinator:


Project manager:

Arthur Molnar

Total Budget Project:

1.707.848,00 RON/
Public Budget : 1.184.000,00 RON

Project implementation duration:

24 months

Financed by

logo-uefiscdiUEFISCDI – Transfer la operatorul economic (PTE) – Cod depunere: PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2019-0769



The PREVENT project was imagined as the natural follow-up of the HAI-OPS ( system, through which initial research regarding the feasability of preventing singular cases and outbreaks of hospital acquired infection through the use of technology were carried out.
A number of wireless, sensor-equipped devices were developed as part of HAI-OPS with the purpose of monitoring the presence and actions of medical staff and patients within the clinical environment.
Our current technological level is built on the competences gained by implementing the precursor project, together with the equipment and methodologies that were devised.

PREVENT aims for the development of an advanced cyber-physical system for preventing singular cases of hospital acquired infection, together with limiting the spread and impact of infection outbreaks through the usage of advanced visualizations and reports that ease the work of the epidemiological team in identifying patient zero together with infection pathways. The PREVENT cyber-physical system will comprise a wireless sensor network capable of monitoring the clinical environment in real time, the presence of people at room level together with their actions.

The project targets the most common infection pathways, which are known from existing literature. The system’s software side will consist of a number of modules that can be deployed locally or in-cloud, together with a structured communication protocol between the wireless network and the software server.
The system will include a number of hardware devices capable of covering several clinical scenarios known to play an important role in acquiring hospital infections.